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Red sky at night, light of shorter wavelengths being disipated through water vapour and atmospheric dust.
Red sky in the morning, same.
Not as catchy as the original but a lot more accurate.clichesnerdy

Gary Delaney

Never employ someone who’s obsessed with graphs. They’ll always be plotting behind your back.jobsnerdypuns

Tony Cowards

The last show I did had a 10 minute routine about homeopathy. I don’t have any homeopathy jokes in this year’s show because if I dilute my homeopathic material it will become much more powerful.
And if you got that, you’re a nerd.medicalnerdy

Dara O’Briain

Explaining osmosis to my son is harder than moving solvent molecules through a partially permeable membrane.nerdy


Life of Pi. 22 Nominations. 7 wins. Quite a good ratio.nerdy


When Newton defined inertia he really was the man of the moment.nerdy

Tony Cowards

Now it’s the scientists’ turn to hide and the Higgs boson has to find them.nerdy


My chemistry teacher used to flash at the periodic table, eventually he was sacked for exposing himself to the elements.nerdypuns

Tony Cowards

I didn’t pay my syntax, and got a poorly constructed prison sentence.nerdypuns


When I was young I baked an apple tart. I took it to Leeds, Liverpool and Reading. All because my teacher said make sure you take pie to 3 dismal places.nerdy

Milton Jones

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