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Kevin Bridges

Stand-up comedian



I seen a sign that said, “Have you seen this man?” So I phoned up and I said, “No.”misc


Girls who are skinny think they’re a bit chubby.
Girls who are chubby think they’re fat.
Fat girls think they’re obese.
And obese girls think they’re supermodels.observationalwomen


I looked out of my hotel window and all I could see was a mosque and a ten-pin bowling alley. Is there anywhere I can go in this town where I don’t have to take my shoes off?observational


First day back at school after summer was when you found out what class you were in. I don’t mean educationally, I mean socially. The rich kids would come strolling in with a sun tan and a new school bag. The poor kids would come in with a black eye and a new second name.observational


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